albLately, I’ve accepted the fact that it’s okay to stick to a style and the comfort of my favorite wardrobe piece (that I feel good in) and for me, that’s …pants. I basically live in pants. I have a closet full of dresses and I do love them too, but wearing pants (at the office, in the park, in vacation, while running errands) it’s my favorite thing to do when it comes to my personal style. And my life has become easier since I’ve discovered Rekucci Collection this year. This brand embodies a modern spin on classic apparel to fit a woman’s on-the-go lifestyle. Continue reading


zaraWhen I first wore this Zara mustard color mini dress on a date/night out in Las Vegas (with my husband) I thought I will feel a little under-dressed walking through this amazing, beautiful, chaotic, colorful city. However, many women stopped me and asked me about it. It was very flattering that I was able to wear it with such success, despite of the way I was   before leaving the hotel room. But most importantly, I felt great wearing it and my husband complimented me all night long (he usually does this every day, but still…:) ) Continue reading


First time we booked Clarion Inn & Suites by chance. We wanted to plan a family trip to USA, but we didn’t want to go “too far” away from Montreal, yet we were craving some American “shopping and water action”. Lake George was clearly the winner since this beautiful, small town is the home of 2 Six Flags (water and outdoor) parks and is also famous for its Fashion Outlets. Continue reading



I was always a “special child” in a sense that I was always guided through life by my Inner Voice and a strong Intuition. When I was 9 years old, my awareness of life was already strong. I used to meditate every night (without even knowing what I was doing exactly). Meditation just came naturally to me. I still remember the smell of my childhood pillow and the way I was falling into a deep state of contemplation every night. Again, I was doing everything intuitively. I was way too young to “practice” something that wouldn’t had come from my heart…from within… Continue reading


roxana10The up-coming holidays (Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, New Year) have always been sources of joy, happiness, family harmony, prayers, and, of course, a lot of food! Eating together with the loved ones urges us to consume large amounts of foods that may have serious repercussions on our bodies. Most of us have experienced the feeling of being bloated and uncomfortable after a big, holiday meal. Continue reading


lipsroxOur lips are a sign of good health and most likely one of the first features others may notice about our faces. Dry lips look cracked, sore, dull, chapped and those traits are the opposite of what everyone should aim for: pinkish, baby soft, naturally hydrated, plumped lips. And no, I am not referring to the hyaluronic-acid-plumped-by-surgeons lips (unless you were born with them). If the softness and hydration could be covered by treatments and many effective products, we only have the plumping desire to deal with it (wishing it will come from a small bottle!). Some are saying that…there is no such thing! But what if the “perfect” lip plumper exists? Continue reading



We are born to learn everyday. Even the most intelligent people walking today on this planet are admitting that the learning process never stops for them. So why do we stop acquiring new information sometimes? Why do we assume we know it all when we could improve our skills just by continuing to keep an open mind and learn more and more each day?
No matter if you are currently great in crafting, business, DIYs, sports…there will always be a little room to improve. And I absolutely love  learning new things from other people experiences. It is a priceless way to learn from someone else’s success or even from their mistakes…Self education and constantly learning from people who are doing great in the same field as you (or a totally different one) could be your secret allies when it comes to becoming the best version of yourself.

There are a million books out there ready to teach you about “How to…”. Or you could find guides or people “memories”, life stories or practical, detail plans on how to build or strengthen a business or a hobby. Have you ever tried? Have you ever googled a random topic and then realized you could learn a lot of new things about it even if you’ve never been to school for it (or you don’t have any experience in it)? I did!

Out of curiosity I searched sometimes for a completely brand new topics (fitness, crafting, dental administration, video editing, photography, etc), something completely out of my comfort zone. And I continue to do so whenever I have a little free time. Such an interesting journey so far… Learning something new (OR MASTERING SOMETHING YOU ALREADY KNOW) – is an amazing experience! Will you try? Or have you already TRIED to master something completely new that you have learned online? I would love to hear about your experience…