ra1Stress, a common problem in today’s society, is the body’s response to different physical, mental or emotional factors. Its causes could vary from unhealthy relationships to separation and grief; from poor health and financial problems to lack of relaxation and a restless lifestyle. When the intensity of stress is high, undesirable side effects could appear…Of course, in a perfect world, we wouldn’t have stress to deal with, but since that is not yet the case, how could we distress…the stress in our lifestyle in order to regain some more bliss and peace?

Exercise – exercise has been proven to have a beneficial effect on a person’s mental and physical state. For many people exercise is an extremely effective stress buster.

Division of labor – try to delegate your responsibilities at work, or share them. If you make yourself indispensable the likelihood of your feeling highly stressed is significantly greater.

Assertiveness – don’t say yes to everything. If you can’t do something well, or if something is not your responsibility, try to seek ways of not agreeing to do them.

Alcohol and drugs – alcohol and drugs will not help you manage your stress better. Either stop consuming them completely, or cut down.

Caffeine – if your consumption of coffee and other drinks which contain caffeine is high, cut down.

Nutrition – eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. Make sure you have a healthy and balanced diet.

Time – make sure you set aside some time each day just for yourself. Use that time to organize your life, relax, and pursue your own interests.

Breathing – there are some effective breathing techniques which will slow down your system and help you relax.

Talk – talk to you family, friends, work colleagues and your boss. Express your thoughts and worries.

Seek professional help – if the stress is affecting the way you function; go and see your doctor. Heightened stress for prolonged periods can be bad for your physical and mental health.

Relaxation techniques – mediation, massage, or yoga have been known to greatly help people with stress.

  • Nourishing food is very important for the proper functioning of the brain. Many nutritionists praise healthy daily diets disapproving of pasta, sugar products, caffeine, cigarettes and alcohol which aggravate stress. They also advise that an anti-stress diet means a balanced diet, which increase serotonin, a substance in the brain responsible for regulating our moods.

Some studies have shown that a diet rich in anti-stress nutrients should include seafood such as oysters, which contain large amounts of zinc. Wheat, nuts, seeds, eggs, lean meats, yogurt and cheese (if you’re not allergic to dairy) could also be  beneficial. Health specialists from all over the world often mention that stress is sometimes caused by a lack of magnesium in the body. To remove this deficiency, red grapefruit, figs, sweet corn, carrots and seeds could be introduced in the daily diet. Experts also suggest that an anti- stress diet should include foods rich in vitamin B (which can be absorbed from cereals, yeast, yogurt and liver). Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C will strengthen the immune system (namely citrus, cabbage , broccoli, strawberries, kiwi and blueberries). The best fats for an anti-stress diet can be assimilated from sunflower seeds, avocado, olive oil extra virgin cold pressed nuts and unsalted nuts. Plenty of water is also generally recommended when dealing with high stress.

Of course, our diets should be well-rounded and healthy that all of our vitamin would be provided through it, but if we need help in this area, a specialist can provide a wealth of information regarding the dietary supplements which can also be very effective in the battle against stress. For example, studies have shown that B-Complex vitamins include B1 (improves mood and is vital to nerve function); B3 (regulates sleep); B6 (for optimum production of serotonin); and, B12 (helps produce “feel good” brain chemicals). In order to best attack your stress, you must make some commitments to adopt real changes in your life or lifestyle. So, sit down, take a breath, unwind and, if still necessary, take your vitamins and make sure they are of great quality!

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