Rox & Carmen Popescu, owner NemraC Style

Three years ago I’ve met Carmen Popescu in Montreal, the city we both call “home”. The fact that we spoke the same language, but also her warm, pleasant personality, eased our conversation immediately. The first time I met Carmen we talked a lot about life and our dreams. Carmen’s vision was to become a reputable fashion designer and create and expand her own fashion brand. Today, Carmen Popescu, at only 26 years old, is one of the many talented Romanians living abroad who are breathing and nurturing their dreams came true. Her brand, NemräC Style, is already making waves in the Quebec’s fashion world and people are already falling in love with it. NemräC Style means ready to wear, unique collections and fit to measure clothing pieces because Carmen Popescu believes that anyone, no matter the shape, height, or taste should be able to wear a NemräC piece! Before one of Carmen’s fashion shows, I headed backstage to catch up with the young designer, who never ceases to impress me with her feminine, yet unique pieces with just the right amount of unexpected details. Backstage, Carmen Popescu was remarkably laid-back, answered all my questions with the most amazing smile on her face and with no sign of pre-show jitters.

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