All fall long I knew what I wanted to wear at one of the end of the year parties: a gorgeous sequin dress, the ultimate in glamorous chic. With the perfect sparkly dress in mind, I started a true shopping journey. Needless to say that no dress charmed my attention (and believe me, I tried on over 25 gleaming dresses) until I found “THE” dress. The long sleeves- shimmering-dark brown-sequin Hale Bob dress was definitely the must have party piece I was looking for. Plus, this dress slipped into the “affordable party dress” category (a “big like” from any wallet).


Hale Bob dresses are modern, chic and unique clothing. Sofia Vergara, Cameron Diaz, Salma Hayek, Carmen Electra, Amal Alamuddin, Halle Berry and Cindy Crawford are just some of the celebrities who admire Hale Bob’s relaxed, sensual, stress-free, yet feminine style. The modern woman is happy to wear Hale Bob dresses all over the world as they set her apart from the crowd. Designed in Los Angeles, Bob Hale clothing is sold both natively and internationally at the finest boutiques and department stores.


The first time I tried on the HB dress, I fell in love. All the other sequin dresses I have tried on before scratched my skin and continued to so for the entire time I was wearing them. Not the Hale Bob’s dress. This dress’ stretchy lining (95% polyester and 5% spandex) was perfectly taking care of the “scratchy situation”. Happy to report that my very fine stockings were not damaged in any way even after hours of wearing the dress (honestly, I was afraid that the dress’ sequined hem will do some harm). And I was mingling quite a bit at this great event I attended in Montreal. The dress’ fit was just as expected! If I’ll have to find a very small negative point to the dark-brown-chocolaty Hale Bob dress-I could probably add that it felt just slightly bigger at the cleavage area. It felt (on me, at least) a little wider than it looks (at the opening for the neck and cleavage). But then again, I might be a little too “small” for this brand’s size Small. All in all, I got nice compliments on my outfit, plus it made me feel comfortable, sexy, sophisticated and confident! I would love to wear this dress again but since it is very sparkly, I might have to wait for another va-va-voom occasion. This absolutely gorgeous dress felt like a bargain for the price versus the fit and quality. Keep up the great work, Mr. Daniel Bohbot (Hale Bob’s creator)!


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