I was always a “special child” in a sense that I was always guided through life by my Inner Voice and a strong Intuition. When I was 9 years old, my awareness of life was already strong. I used to meditate every night (without even knowing what I was doing exactly). Meditation just came naturally to me. I still remember the smell of my childhood pillow and the way I was falling into a deep state of contemplation every night. Again, I was doing everything intuitively. I was way too young to “practice” something that wouldn’t had come from my heart…from within…

Back then, “spirituality” was not even a notorious word in the world. Or maybe it was, but in my home (communist) country, even going to church too often was frown upon. Plus, we had absolutely no public ties with the “outside” world, never mind any access to spiritual books or such relevant information.  There was no Louise Hay (or any of her amazing books) to empower you…There was no Robin Sharma to show you the “way” if you were lost…And certainly, there was no Oprah to guide you through the darkness and hardship of life… I didn’t know that fantastic, inspirational people exist on earth, and that everyone can win – if they truly believed they will – regardless of their abilities, intelligence and initial psychology. All I knew was that I had to listen to my positive inner Voice that was promising me a beautiful life…And, so I did and so I continued to meditate until today…

My life was not easy at times, but meditation and a positive outlook towards life in general transformed me into this person of true positivism with a “go-out-and-do-it” attitude. Luckily, I kept my head on my shoulders through this process and I didn’t fall for the sleek superficiality that the “spiritual wisdom” brings to some people. Guided (or personal) meditation could help one with clearing up the emotional dimension of the inner life, releasing any resentments  and letting go of all baggage from the past. I am so happy to now live a life without barriers (physical or emotional ones); and to know that my child is living a total different childhood – a happy, free, beautiful one in which we learn to love, pray and meditate just as much as we learn to play the piano, study or practice karate, skating or skiing…; and if you are into numerology and the miracles of numbers, this is the best book I have read so far – “NUMEROLOGY AND THE DIVINE TRIANGLE”.

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