First time we booked Clarion Inn & Suites by chance. We wanted to plan a family trip to USA, but we didn’t want to go “too far” away from Montreal, yet we were craving some American “shopping and water action”. Lake George was clearly the winner since this beautiful, small town is the home of 2 Six Flags (water and outdoor) parks and is also famous for its Fashion Outlets.

img_6275So, we booked Clarion Hotel because (after a quick web search) we decided it seemed pretty close to the water park and located in the middle of the Outlets shopping plaza. I am very happy we did because after our first visit, we came back again and again. The hotel is very clean, comfortable  and  its staff is very friendly…Even the front desk clerk recognized us, or shall I say…the receptionist, Mrs. Dee recognized our daughter (because they formed a little, priceless “friendship” during our first visit; in fact, the drawings my daughter made for Mrs. Dee (such a kind, helpful, polite, amazing person!) were up on the reception wall when we visited again).img_3771

The rooms are spacious and clean, bathrooms as well. The included breakfast is delicious and there will be – for sure – “something” to eat even for the “free breakfast” skeptical people (including me :). We also used the indoor pool, our kid loved it and guess what – the pool is heated!!!

img_0733Some people said (in their online reviews) that the walls are so “thin”, one could hear the other guests. Honestly, this never happened to us so far, so maybe we are lucky or the other people who complained about this aspect are more “sensitive” than me…(but I don’t think that is the case as I could be awake for hours only if I hear a bee…most of the time).

img_0722Their Jacuzzi/spa was my “soft point” during our stay; it was very comfortable and clean. Since the hotel is located in the middle of the Outlets plaza I was expecting a little “chaos” during the day (especially on a busy Easter weekend) but every time we visited this hotel, the quiet and relaxing surrounding was absolutely enjoyable! No traffic, no noise, unbelievable quiet for such a  fashion “central” spot. Plus we didn’t need to take our car while shopping since the stores are literally at walking distance. From time to time we would just bring the bags to the hotel room!

My hair dryer “died” suddenly during my second visit there and when I called the Reception, they sent (within 2 minutes!!!) a brand new replacement to my room. Speaking of the room again, did I mention that I loved that little balcony of ours!?

You can’t go wrong with the Clarion Hotel, it’s for sure the number 1 choice that I highly recommend in Lake George! We have stayed at another (bigger and maybe a little more famous) hotel in the area, and in addition to paying double the price for our stay, the conditions there were inferior to our experience with Clarion Hotel (from many points of you, including the “noise factor”). We can’t wait to visit Clarion again…soon! img_3915

NOTE: This is NOT a paid post, by any means. I visited and booked Clarion Hotel based solely on my own funds (happily, honestly and proudly earned money) and I have all the receipts to prove it.

This is just an honest review based on my own experience. Many thanks again to Clarion Hotel and its amazing Staff! And thank you for making my daughter love you so much, she already “begs” us (when we talk about returning to Lake George soon): Only book Clarion Hotel, Mommy, no other, pleaseeee!!!” 🙂

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