zaraWhen I first wore this Zara mustard color mini dress on a date/night out in Las Vegas (with my husband) I thought I will feel a little under-dressed walking through this amazing, beautiful, chaotic, colorful city. However, many women stopped me and asked me about it. It was very flattering that I was able to wear it with such success, despite of the way I was   before leaving the hotel room. But most importantly, I felt great wearing it and my husband complimented me all night long (he usually does this every day, but still…:) )

This Zara dress is very comfortable and the long sleeves with frills detail and tied cuffs are perfect for the chilly nights or “freezing” venues. I find the restaurants in Las Vegas way too cold for my taste; I am always freezing  because of all that air conditioning going full blast. Plus, the “above the knees” length of this dress allowed me to feel pretty while walking my heels through the casinos and the restaurants of this beautiful city. The round neck and flowing fabric felt also very pleasant and comfortable to me (nothing to worry about while sitting and/or after having a big dessert after dinner :). The back opening with (small button) fastening makes it easy for pull-on and pull-out without messing the make-up. I paired the dress with nude, light, comfortable wedges sandals (Browns) and a cute Michael Kors mini crossbody purse. All in all, this beautiful dress was a great  buy and it was “on sale” at Zara, too…One more reason to go back to this store very soon…

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