Hello! Welcome to Rox Avenue!

I am Rox – nroxana5ot exactly a shopaholic, maybe just a mini one..:). I don’t have any serious vices (unless owning  too many shoes is considered a vice), but I find a real joy in shopping, traveling and trying different restaurants, venues, famous or not-so-famous (but of great quality) fashion and beauty products.

Rox Avenue is my avenue of thoughts, feelings and interests. This is exactly what you will find here – my views on various things that inspire me; my genuine thoughts about life, various services and companies I come in contact with; travel destinations, fashion and beauty items’ reviews. I love to experience quality over quantity in everything I do, live or try in my life…and blog about it!

So, this is me:

  • European by birth, Canadian by choice
  • Mother to my beautiful 7 years old girl, Ave
  • Belle to my Beau, Cris
  • Leo (born in love with…Love)
  • Vegetarian Wannabe
  • Dog Lover (mother to my late fur-baby-Yorkie with whom I shared 14 loving years)
  • Travel  Obsessed
  • Spiritual, not Religious

I love hearing from readers and other bloggers, so if you have any comments or questions or if you would like to work on something together (I am open to collaborating), you can drop me your thoughts or ideas at roxavenue@gmail.com (or by accesing my Contact page/form).

Thank you for stopping by and see you out there enjoying life to its fullest!