All fall long I knew what I wanted to wear at one of the end of the year parties: a gorgeous sequin dress, the ultimate in glamorous chic. With the perfect sparkly dress in mind, I started a true shopping journey. Needless to say that no dress charmed my attention (and believe me, I tried on over 25 gleaming dresses) until I found “THE” dress. The long sleeves- shimmering-dark brown-sequin Hale Bob dress was definitely the must have party piece I was looking for. Plus, this dress slipped into the “affordable party dress” category (a “big like” from any wallet). Continue reading


1For years I kept on promising myself I will one day go on a sea cruise, but I gave up each time for two very simple reasons. Firstly – although I love the sea, I can’t swim (I actually have a serious fear of water because of a childhood swimming accident). Secondly – I am way too “agitated” and active to imagine that I could ever stay “locked” on a ship with thousands of other strangers. In the middle of the ocean! Surrounded by…water!!! Well, this was the year when my Beau ignored all of my fears and offered me a cruise to Bahamas as a birthday gift. Therefore, we boarded the Norwegian Sky cruise ship (NCL – Norwegian Cruise Line) from the port of Miami, Florida, USA. Continue reading



Rox & Carmen Popescu, owner NemraC Style

Three years ago I’ve met Carmen Popescu in Montreal, the city we both call “home”. The fact that we spoke the same language, but also her warm, pleasant personality, eased our conversation immediately. The first time I met Carmen we talked a lot about life and our dreams. Carmen’s vision was to become a reputable fashion designer and create and expand her own fashion brand. Today, Carmen Popescu, at only 26 years old, is one of the many talented Romanians living abroad who are breathing and nurturing their dreams came true. Her brand, NemräC Style, is already making waves in the Quebec’s fashion world and people are already falling in love with it. NemräC Style means ready to wear, unique collections and fit to measure clothing pieces because Carmen Popescu believes that anyone, no matter the shape, height, or taste should be able to wear a NemräC piece! Before one of Carmen’s fashion shows, I headed backstage to catch up with the young designer, who never ceases to impress me with her feminine, yet unique pieces with just the right amount of unexpected details. Backstage, Carmen Popescu was remarkably laid-back, answered all my questions with the most amazing smile on her face and with no sign of pre-show jitters.

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rox2I have bought loads of eyelash curlers for years and found that a lot of people were raving about the Shu Uemura ones. Needless to say, I was drawn in by all the hype!

Tam-Tam or Flim-Flam?

I’ve decided to try Shu Uemura Eyelashes Curler when my MAC curler broke down. I knew, for a fact, that this beauty tool captivated a lot of attention because the emblematic curler states to deliver the perfect curl. Also, the patented hinge vows to apply the perfect amount of pressure on eyelashes while its ergonomic handles ensure stability and control. But… does this curler deliver when put to work? Continue reading


ra1Stress, a common problem in today’s society, is the body’s response to different physical, mental or emotional factors. Its causes could vary from unhealthy relationships to separation and grief; from poor health and financial problems to lack of relaxation and a restless lifestyle. When the intensity of stress is high, undesirable side effects could appear…Of course, in a perfect world, we wouldn’t have stress to deal with, but since that is not yet the case, how could we distress…the stress in our lifestyle in order to regain some more bliss and peace? Continue reading



I was introduced to the Kilian “perfume family” a couple of years ago by a colleague of mine who purchased more than a dozen samples made by the famous perfume house. In search of the perfect scent, we started sniffing the (quite expensive) perfume samples during our lunch breaks. Soon we were charmed… Back to Black, Beyond Love, Love, Liaisons Dangereuses and Incense Oud are some of my favorite Kilians. But I still remember how I fell in love at first…sniff with “Playing with the devil”. “Playing with the Devil” is part of the “In the Garden of Good and Evil” Kilian collection, the “forbidden fruits” being the main signature of this assembly. Continue reading




I love Cayo Santa Maria (Cuba) and I love Memories Paraiso Azul. This resort is very nice and has lots of amenities. The most beautiful beach I have ever seen is here. The peace and serenity out on the water is just magnificent, makes you wonder why you haven’t found that little piece of paradise earlier. I would go back there anytime, in the blink of an eye…

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